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Gregory Carter

Warning: if you go here you may develop a Jiu Jitsu dependency. Side effects include physical fitness, camaraderie, and the ability to choke people. Please consult your doctor if you’re experiencing health problems from not doing enough bjj.

Jeff Pierson

My kids think they are playing games but I see them learning techniques. Then I stay for adults class to learn techniques but I feel like I’m having fun playing games. Professors John and Griff are very friendly and welcoming. All the other higher ranked students are very humble and help you learn.

Georgette Oden

Friendly, technical, professional but warm and welcoming. Great training partners and instruction alike :-) plus voodoo donuts, Mmm..

Michelle Llena

I love EBJJ. This is grappling family.

Kevin Jiang

Grif is an awesome instructor and a good person. I would definitely recommend this place to train. He breaks down the technique step-by-step.

Alex Smith

GB Edmonds is on my “must visit regularly” list. I try to drop by once a week on Fridays, and I encourage everyone who’s serious about Jiu-Jitsu to do so as well. Lots of high level guest Professors come often too, so that’s another reason why you want to go learn BJJ in GB Edmonds. Not gonna name names, but a certain brown belt is a total dope instructor with insane skills as a teacher and a competitor.

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